HelicitySpace develops in-space propulsion and power technology critical to humanity's expansion into the solar system.

Our Technology

The Helicity Drive is a scalable pulsed fusion concept ------ from fusion-augmented electric propulsion to fully ignited reactors ----- based on magnetic reconnection, plasma plectonemes, and peristaltic magnetic compression.

Who We Are

Scientific Team
Setthivoine You, PhD, Chief Scientist
Paul M. Bellan, Prof., Caltech
Michael R. Brown, Prof., Swarthmore College
Carlos A. Romero-Talamás, Prof., Univ. Maryland BC
John F. Santarius, Prof., Univ. Wisconsin
Slava G. Turyshev, PhD, NASA JPL - Caltech
Technical Collaborations
California Institute of Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Univ. Maryland BC
Strategic Capabilities
​Stephane K. Lintner, PhD 
Chair and Acting-CEO
Marta Calvo, MBA
Chief Operations, former Rocketdyne
William F. Readdy, Capt. USN (ret.)
former NASA Associate Administrator of the Office of Spaceflight, Astronaut
Tidal W. McCoy, Hon. 
former US Assistant Secretary of the Air Force
Simon P. Worden, PhD
former Director NASA Ames Research Center
S. Alan Stern, PhD
former NASA Associate Administrator of the Science Mission Directorate, Principal Investigator of NASA New Horizons Mission to Pluto​

"The short-lived Uranium Age will see the dawn of spaceflight; the succeeding era of fusion power will witness its fulfillment."

–– Arthur C. Clarke, The Planets are not Enough (1961)





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