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We make fusion engines for spaceships



HelicitySpace develops critical propulsion and power technology necessary for enabling humanity's expansion into the solar system.



Fusion space propulsion

A reality before terrestrial fusion power plants

A direct fusion drive produces high specific impulse and high specific power, enabling rapid transportation of heavy payloads anytime, anywhere in the solar system–and beyond.

By focusing primarily on generating thrust from repetitive short pulses, we can make fusion space propulsion a reality before fusion power plants.





Helicity Drive

Efficient, scalable, compact

Based on rigorous science and modern technologies, our unique technology is innovative, compact, and realistic.

Our fusion concept merges several plasma plectonemes in a constant-energy compression magnetic nozzle. We exploit the efficiency of magnetic reconnection for heating, the stability of plectonemes for confinement, and the symmetry of passive coils for magnetic compression.


Our innovative approach can operate at modest fusion gains and scale to ignited operation. 

The engineering requirements to achieve fusion conditions are significantly simplified.





About us

An international, interdisciplinary team



We are an international team of physicists, engineers, and entrepreneurs passionate about fusion energy and human space travel.

After decades accumulating world-class expertise in some of the world's most eminent universities, fusion laboratories, aerospace companies, and financial institutions, we founded HelicitySpace in 2018 to tackle one of humankind's greatest adventures with one of humankind's hardest technical challenges.


Leaving the cradle to protect the cradle

Humanity is expanding into the solar system.

New worlds. New resources. New opportunities. 


Earth is a protected World Heritage Site.

Our mission is to enable space colonization with fusion technology.

Assoc. Prof., Frontier Sciences, Univ. Tokyo

Assist. Prof., Aero. & Astronautics, Univ. Wash.

Postdoc, Applied Physics, Caltech

PhD, Physics, Imperial College



Setthivoine You, PhD

Chief Scientist

Plasma physicist with two decades of research expertise in fusion energy, space propulsion, and astrophysics. Principal investigator of the Mochi experiment and recipient of the DoE Early Career Award.

Program Manager, United Technologies

Quality Engineer, Boeing Rocketdyne

QC Manager, Pioneer Broach

MBA, Kedge Univ.

BS, Chem. Eng. CSU Pomona

Marta Calvo, MBA

Chief Operations

Engineer with a decade of experience in program management and quality control in aerospace and optical manufacturing industries.

CEO, Founder, Jiko

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

PhD, Applied Mathematics, Caltech

MS, Ecole Normale Supérieure

Stephane Lintner, PhD


Experienced entrepreneur with a decade of experience in Wall Street and expertise in the mathematics of electromagnetic waves and fluid propagation.

Strategic Advisor

Ty McCoy, Hon.

Chairman, IronGate Global

SVP, Thiokol Propulsion

Pres., Thiokol Technology

Acting Secretary, USAF

Scientific Advisor

Mike Brown, Prof.

Physics, Swarthmore Coll.

Industry Advisor

Saina Ghandchi, MBA

Project Mgr., Boston Dynamics

Product Mgr., NASA JPL

Scientific Advisor

Paul M. Bellan, Prof.

Applied Physics, Caltech

Technical Advisor

Carlos Romero, Prof.

Mech. Eng., U. Maryland, BC

Scientific Advisor

Yasushi Ono, Prof.

Elec. Eng., Univ. Tokyo

Technical Advisor

Stephane Mazouffre, PhD

Res. Director, CNRS, France

Scientific Advisor

John F. Santarius, Prof.

Fusion Techn. Inst., Univ. Wisc.

Technical Advisor

Sanjay Vijendran, PhD

Lead, Mars Sample Return, ESA

PhD, Univ. Cambridge




Join us

Are you rigorous, innovative, adventurous?

We look for colleagues who are excellent in their discipline and able to work with us to produce results greater than either of us could achieve alone.

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"The short-lived Uranium Age will see the dawn of space flight;
the succeeding era of fusion power will witness its fulfillment."
–– Arthur C. Clarke, The Planets are Not Enough (1961)
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